Abedin Mahdavi


Abedin Mahdavi was born on 1981, Tehran, Graduated in Directing from Tehran University of Art.
He started photography at the age of 14. His photography activities include over 30 projects and over 12 single and group photo exhibition, He has directed over 41 short and long documentaries.
Abedin Mahdavi has covered over 18 dangerous areas in countries such as Somalia, Haiti, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Columbia etc.
Holy Children International Art Group, founded by him, was established in Tehran, Iran, then moved to Switzerland. It consists of several international artist of different fields. He is now directing his debut movie about Kobani women in resistance groups.

The present Movie and photo collection is not supposed to convey great or special words. They are my simplest but most special looks at faces of children of war, poverty and crisis in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Colombia, Haiti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia....
Very young children are dealing with the filthiest and most painful issues of our world and they are even deprived of their basic necessities such as food and water, home or any shelter, any parent, education or…
These children look at life and future very differently, comparing with what you and I would define life or future. I will bring you the eyes of children who do not have access to water; the simplest substance on Earth and war might take them to their death at any moment. Hope and patience have much more special meanings in their minds and have turned them into little anonymous legends full of energy. The difference is so great that a little Afghan boy who has walked for hours to fill a gallon with drinking water, would stop and offer me water when he sees my dried lips.
We can find their needs out of their eyes very easily and only with a pause. They need pencil in their hands instead of weapon. They need to stop working and begin studying. They need toys in their hands instead of tools in dirty environments of labor. They need to feel beautiful colors of the world instead of the dark color of death. They need to enjoy the happy songs of children instead of the painful, deafening sounds of war. They need to run happily and excitedly and not with the fear of stepping on a mine. I have met little mothers under thirteen in my journeys. They need to experience friendship and love before marriage. They like to have all parts of their bodies healthy like other humans. I have talked to many of handicapped children in wars. If you provide them with the best prosthetic arm or leg, we cannot satisfy them as they have a deep understanding of the world around them. They need to taste various chocolates themselves. They need to wear little colorful clothes and trainers to go to school, to run and to shout! They need freedom to free their childhood energies. They need to be loved for no reason even for a very short time. They will perfectly absorb the warmth of your affection. They need a new and beautiful look from us in order to improve hope in themselves. Finally, what they need is in fact the nice sense of humanity. We might not be able to fulfill the needs of these children all around the world however; we can keep their needs in our mind, besides our busy lives
. Abedin Mahdavi